Tales of Quicksand

Volume 4

Now Available.

Stormy's First Time, Starrming Stormy Night. 92

Stormy's .first quicksand experience.

Fight Scene, Starring Stefani Jaymes and Debbie Paige. 93

Stefani and Debbie have a big fight.

Drunk, Starring Rachelle Williams. 94

Rachelle leaves a party quite intoxicated and still drinking. The result is inevitable. A very well-done portrayal of drunken behavior.

Julie's Sink Tease, Starring Julie Simone. 95

Julie's interpretation of the classic sink tease.

Justice Can Be Muddy, Starring Normagee and JJ. 96

ormagee kills JJ in a domestic argument and tries to dispose of the body by means of quicksand.

Torrid's Nightmare, Starring Torrid. 97

Torrid encounters a series of horrors, culminating in quicksand.


BONUS! The DVD disk containing this collection of scenes also contains nearly 400  full resolution still images from most of the scenes.

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