Tales of Quicksand

Volume 40

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Erotic Sink_Stormy, Stormy Night  354

Sara is supposed to meet a photographer for a photo shoot but instead is shot with a poisoned blowgun. When she wakes up she is suspended by a vine in a pit of deep mud.

Forest Rangers, Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Wiliams   357

Stefani Jaymes plays a herpetologist searching for rare snakes. She finds, and bags one, but is so intent on finding another she blunders into a pit of quicksand.

Das Boots_Hannah, Hannah Perez   358

Stefani is married to a drunken loser who thinks SHE needs to get a job. Eventually, she kills him with a frying pan and then tries to dispose of the body in a nearby quicksand pit. Needless to say, the rope to the weight fouls on her foot.

Rite of Passage_Manchester, Manchester   359

Holly is introduced to deep mud and to quicksand scenes.

Alice of Trumps, Stefani Jaymes and Brittany   356

Natalie seeks help with a smoking addiction and is given a prescription. She is warned about vivid and strange dreams as a side effect but takes them anyway. In fact she takes an extra one.

Dr Boggs, DMD_Stefani, Stefani Jaymes   360

Jordana does her interpretation of the sink (and strip) tease.

Prison Break, Samantha Grace and Julie Simone   361

Manchester plays a hiker who encounters a pair of very nice boots stuck in a peat bog. She tries to  rescue them but is soon stuck herself.

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