Tales of Quicksand

Volume 5

Now Available

The First Quicksand Girl, Starring Stefani Jaymes 98

The Moon Shrooms, Starring Normagee. 99

The Day of Equal Light and Darkness, Starring Stefani Jaymes. 100

Blowgun, Starring Brinke Stevens 101


Dee's Sink Tease, Starring Dark Dementia. 102

Sami's Pole Dance, Starring Sassy Sami. 103

This was a partially broekn scene in which Sassy Sami attempted to prform a pole dance. All went well until she attempted to use the pole to swing across the pit, and fell in. As the pit was a tad cold the scene had to be cut a little shorter than usual.



BONUS! Also included on the DVD are more than 200 full-resolution stills images in computer-readable form. These pictures were all taken during filming of the scenes on the disk.

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