Tales of Quicksand

Volume 6

Here are six more scenes in the "Tales of Quicksand" series.

The Ditsy Tour Guide 104

Rachelle is a tour guide for a nature area. She doesn't have much knowledge but she does seem quite interested in the quicksand that invests the area. She finds it, of course.

Blowgun - Mandy 105

Mandy wanders off the trail in the treacherous jungle and is soon knocked unconscious by a poisoned blow dart. She wakes up suspended over a quicksand pit.

Execution by Quicksand - Holly 106

Holly has run afoul of some crazy pirates who treat all outsiders they capture by sinking them in quicksand.

Lucid Dream #1 - Tabitha 107

Tabitha has a very odd dream, driving a car and her top keeps falling off. Eventually she realizes its a dream and decides to take advantage of it.

Prison with No Walls 108

Stefani is dropped off for a three-day sentence in a prison that has no walls. All she has to do is stay put for three days. Not going to happen.

The Farmer's Daughter 109

Normagee is the victim of a family feud that has gone on for generations. She runs away from her enemy but right into quicksand. Then her enemy arrives and its not quite clear if it might be better to just go under.

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