Tales of Quicksand

Volume 7

Six more exciting tales of quicksand.

Justice Can Be Muddy (Torrid) 110

A domestic dispute leads to drastic action, but Torrid has a surefire way to dispose of the body --- except for one thing.

Unfortunately no still images were taken during filming of this scene.

Rope Trick (Nyssa Nevers) 111

Nyssa Nevers, expert in escape from rope bondage, decides to practice her skills with the added complication of a time limit imposed by being in quicksand. Unfortunately for her she has failed to account for swelling of the rope when it gets wet.

Dr. Boggs, DVD (Savannah) 112

Savannah goes to Dr Boggs, DMD, for a root canal. Due to an allergy, she requests to be put "completely under" without use of a secondary medicine to prevent unusual dreams, by the anesthesiologist (Marsha).

Lucid Dream # 13 (Stefani Jaymes and Stormy Night) 113

Stefani falls asleep watching an old jungle movie and enters a very unusual dream. Stormy is in the dream and informs her of the fact while both are suspended in a pit of quicksand.


Brittany Returns (Brittany) 114

After a long absence, Brittany returns to the world of quicksand. She tries out three different pits until she finds one that is "messy enough."

Normagee's Sink tease (Normagee) 115

Normagee does her interpretation of the Sink Tease.

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