Tales of Quicksand

Volume 8

Six more exciting tales of quicksand. (sample pics coming). This DVD is not yet available although all scenes can be purchased separately.

Snow White (episode 1) Starring Stormy Night 116

A slightly twisted (ok very twisted) version of the familiar tale of Snow White. This one has an evil queen, an apple (ok its a tomato), and the dialogue mentions the familiar small people. The rest of it, well,.... you'll see.

Pirate Chase. Starring NormaGee 117

NormaGee is a pirate on the run from the navy. She actually gets away from the navy, but that's not to say she gets away.

Initiation Starring Brinke Stevens 118

To join a special secret society, Brinke has to pass an initiation test of slogging all the way across a quicksand bog, and back. If the makes it she is in. Being the type that likes a real challenge, she su

Due to a shortage of crew, no stills were taken for this scene. Some vidcaps will be placed here soon.

The Overzealous Reporter. Starring Rachelle Williams 119

Rachelle is an ambitious (shall we say ruthless) TV reporter, determined to get the story that will advance her career. Unfortunately she is burdened by an idiot for a cameraman. Let's see who comes out on top (read: still above the surface) in this one.

Why We Don't See People with Green Hair. Starring Stefani Jaymes 120

Stefani is a cave girl with bright green hair who discovers an enticing mudpit. This story explains why there are no longer very many people with green hair. 

Lucid Dream #1. Starring Brittany 121

Brittany suddenly starts having serious wardrobe problems while driving her car. Eventually she realizes she is dreaming. And if one is dreaming, and knows it, then one can do whatever one likes. Let's see what she likes.

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. 

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