Tales of Quicksand

Volume 9

Six more exiting tales of quicksand.

Trigger Gets Even. Starring Stormy Night 122

Cowgirl Stormy takes a siesta during the heat of the afternoon, after having been thrown by her horse Trigger. She warns Trigger several times that his difficult behavior is leading to a glue factory.... not to mention no carrots for a week. Trigger is a bit smarter than he lets on, however.

Lucid Dream #1 (Savannah). Starring Savannah Costello 123

Savannah experiences several wardrobe malfunctions while driving. She is perplexed at first but then realizes its a dream. Since it IS a dream she can do whatever she wants, and she knows exactly what she wants. And so do we.

Blowgun (Brittany). Starring Brittany 124

Brittany is a cavegirl hunting with a spear for some food. Some one, however, is hunting her with a poisoned blowgun. Quickly losing consciousness, when she wakes (partially) up she is suspended, by her wrists, by a vine that is slowly stretching and lowering her into a pit of jungle quicksand. Oh, and some of her original wardrobe is,....well,.... missing.

Brinke's Sink Tease. Starring Brinke Stevens 125

Brinke performs her version of the Sink Tease.

Das Boots_NormaGee, Starring NormaGee 126

NormaGee is a hiker and comes upon what appears to be a pair of brand new boots stuck about an inch deep in a peat bog. She tries to retrieve them but they seem rooted to the pit. In the end she manages to fall in.


Mandy's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Mandy 127

Mandy plays herself as a model doing a quicksand-themed, glamour photo shoot at Studio 588.


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